Much needed personality is easily injected into a room via the blank gallery walls of our homes. You needn’t be an aficionado to choose and appreciate a great print or original piece – the key is, do you like it and can you live with it?


As you may have read in one of Duckprint’s previous Your Space posts, anyone – including your four year-old son – can be an artist worthy of a wall. But if artistic ability (or inclination) is one of those things that just passed you by, you have a veritable WORLD of artists to feature in your very own, personally-curated bedroom gallery.


Here are some of Duckprint’s favourites but there are infinitely more online, in every price bracket – just have a look!



Wild Herringbone print - Nancy Ramirez

Wild Herringbone Print by Nancy Ramirez


From $44.99


Nancy Ramirez is a traditional medium and digital artist, combining pretty fragments of colorful abstract paintings or elements of existing photographs to create new and surprising pieces for all to enjoy.


>Ramirez has a particular affinity with interior design and relishes creating artwork that is accessible and affordable – making any of her works, including this colourful, yet geometric, Wild Herringbone, a valuable addition to your artistic collection.




DIY herringbone print artwork


DIY Art Inspired by Nancy Ramirez’s Wild Herringbone


Cost of materials under $100


Inspired by Nancy Ramirez’s work? Laura from The Embellishment Nest was – through the magic of Pinterest – and went about creating her own take on Wild Herringbone.


All you need to create a similar design is a canvas, some painters tape, acrylic paints and some creativity. To be honest, the success of a design like this really doesn’t hinge on whether you can draw or hold a paintbrush with correct technique – it relies on randomness and bright, beautiful colours of your choice.


If you’ve longed for a DIY art project you could hang in your home and just haven’t wanted to take a huge leap into art classes or failed attempts, this is a great intro into the wonderful world of art!




watercolour fox - Society6

Vulpes Vulpes, by Robert Farkas


From $23 upwards


Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT visit the Society6 website if you have a deadline, dependent children, needy partner or similar as you will completely lose track of any semblance of time and, most likely, purchase many more prints than your walls can possibly support.


Having said that, DO visit Society6 if you’re looking for beautiful, contemporary, pop-culturistic prints for any aspect of your life – be it your walls, a shirt, an iPad cover or even stationery cards. This is beautiful, original, accessible artwork for the modern age.







spineless books artwork

Peter Pan, Spineless Classics




Do you have a favourite book; a classic that you re-read again and again? Well, now you can get a print of the entire text (limited titles) in a frameable format to adorn your walls.


>No longer do you need a bookshelf of formidable titles to impress your friends – just place a Spineless Classic on your wall for all to admire!


Each Spineless Classic contains the entire text of the book or volume, which is no mean feat when you have titles like War and Peace, the King George Bible and The Entire Works of William S






You thought we were finished didn't you. No way José. The fun doesn't stop there by any means. You absolutely MUST check out my "extended" collection of artistic masterpieces to dress up your bedroom.


You won't regret it. It's packed full of fabulous AND inexpensive prints and canvasses for your special space.

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